Port Destination

As the global cruise industry continues to expand, cruise companies are constantly on the lookout for new turnround ports, new destination ports and exciting new excursion ideas for their passengers.

But the process of developing and promoting a port and its hinterland attractions – and getting the message across to the right people in the cruise sector – can be a huge challenge.

Jura Associates will work with you to develop your port or tourism sector, drawing up and working through a strategy to attract more cruise ship calls and more passengers. We will show you how to grab the attention of the real decision-makers in this important sector.

Jura Associates has very broad experience in the cruise sector, having worked closely with cruise lines, itinerary planners and those in the wider market offering destinations, visitor attractions, accommodation, transport and other services to the cruise industry.

We will:

  • Provide support in the development of cruise shipping, drawing on our substantial bank of contacts throughout the industry and our long expertise in this sector;
  • Provide advise on the in-port facilities required by the world’s top cruise lines, including for transit and turnround calls;
  • Work with cruise lines, ports and other stakeholders to develop attractive options for cruise passengers, whether for day trips or pre/post-cruise arrangements;
  • Develop total destination offers for the cruise industry;
  • Create the design for marketing materials by working closely with experienced partners;
  • Design and deliver websites to show the best of your port and what its hinterland has to offer;
  • Support clients in the creation of cruise forums and networks.